Summer Fashion, Auckland 2017

New season. New collection of clothes I wear on repeat.

Summer is the best time of year for getting dressed. I love shorts, I love warm, shimmery colours, I love soft cotton, lazy dressing and light layers. This summer I stuck in Auckland which is one of those perpetually grey and humid cities with a few absolute stunning days thrown in between so I have been able to lazy dress to my hearts content.

Again I obviously no stylist/model and looking back I was obviously a being loose with my photos as they are a bit IDGAF, but it’s summer and we are worry free and floating through so it is well on vibe.

Also disclaimer most of my prices are approximations because I can’t remember how much everything cost. Clothes are something I repeat and keep for a long time so they are something I invest in (though this summer they were all presents, I am spoilt). Continue reading “Summer Fashion, Auckland 2017”

Holiday Makeup Look: BLOGNY 2016

Ok let’s all be real I am no makeup expert – I love makeup and I watch my favourite beauty bloggers with awe and great appreciation but I do not have the skill to replicate. Still! Today I thought I would show you how I have done my face for Christmas Eve!!

This is a day look! It is in fact what I am wearing to work today so it is not super glitzy but it is a bit more sparkly than usual to celebrate how excited I am about Christmas. Continue reading “Holiday Makeup Look: BLOGNY 2016”

On: My Winter Fashion, Auckland New Zealand

It’s winter and my wardrobe has undergone its annual seasonal recycle. Here is a week of outfits for those who hate winter clothes/ lack inspiration as much as I do.

As you will soon be able to tell I am no stylist and definitely no model. I dress to my (low student) budget and am #1 fan of the plain coloured basics.

In every single outfit I am wearing this black singlet
(Glassons, $5- on special though woohoo) and these plain black ankle boots (Banks shoes, $125) which are pretty much the only shoes I ever wear.

Since my winter mantra to stay warm is ‘cover your ankles and cover your back’ they are my necessities and I love them. But anyway, read on for more clothes.

Continue reading “On: My Winter Fashion, Auckland New Zealand”