Introducing: My Best Friends

My friends: Brilliant, hilarious, beautiful. We are stupid; in our humour, in our stories and in our love for each other.

At fourteen we were dorky babies; small groups held together by a few charismatic individuals but over the years we have grown up and grown in. They are my favourites, my family, my biggest loves.

This post is partially for those who read this because who knows who my friends are? Me but not you. We’re getting older, have started shipping out and don’t really operate as a group so much anymore. I don’t think many people who know us in our day to day lives know how deep our sense of belonging still runs.

I want to show them off because they’re cool and pretty and I’m so proud of them (honestly they are one of my favourite things to write about). I think they have good insight into life and realistic advice on what friendship is when you have grow up and stop seeing each other every day. life 2014 177.jpg

But mostly I want to write this for them for to say hey, I love you, thanks for being the best (also self-involved enough to be the only people to read this post lol).I wouldn’t be me without you – and seeing as this is my blog, it was never going to be complete until I had you on here.  Continue reading “Introducing: My Best Friends”

Introducing: Caitlin

Caitlin: Inspired fashion sense, passionate about her beliefs, the winner of every dance battle. Vibrant, creative, opinionated.  A feminist, a photographer, a filmmaker. Wears more blue and yellow than Briscoes. Can outdo you in any philosophical or art based discussion. Owns light up shoes.

I’ve known her since we were messy-haired thirteen year olds in knee length kilts. When we were sixteen we started exchanging letters. Hasty notes scrawled on the inside cover of refill grew longer with every reply until they turned into a kind of diary. Everything important about school and boys and friends and happiness was written down in hundreds of letters passed quietly between us. We only ran out of things to write when we realised that everything we wanted to tell each other could be said aloud.

I called her for a coffee and chat because I find her so interesting and I wanted to let her talk to you – but more than that I wanted to reintroduce her to everyone through my eyes. Let you meet her not just as a colourful character – but as the kind of idiot who moves all the furniture out of her room in the middle of the night because she heard a mouse or the sweet soul who makes you fresh brownies at 12am because you’re moody over catching a cold. I want you to know her as I do – as my best friend.

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