A Sweet Day: BLOGNY 2016

ok, 2016 way to turn it on for the last couple of days!?!

Today was a goodie that I want to share with you, but I only took photos for the nicer half of it sorry for your loss.
IMG_0561.jpgYesterday my angel & love & main squeeze & partner in crime & best adventurer Kat is back which has made our flat slip right back into feeling like a home and my days slip right back to being the most fun time.

Things Katherine and I achieved today:

We went to the gym for an hour and she taught me how to use all the arm machines which was hilarious. There is something satisfying about spending your time at the gym and I liked it because it was the first time I had been to the non-uni one and was way more relaxed. Something I did learn is that my left bicep is probably the most useless and ineffective thing in this universe. Blessed I could discover this now so I know not to rely on it in the future – it genuinely doesn’t work.

Caught the world’s hottest bus out to St Helier’s. The people almost rioted from the heat it but the comradery and mutual love on that tropical ride was real.

We went on a crazy low tide walk that was so much longer than anticipated but also out of this world pretty and SO hot. It started when we spotted a staircase off at a distant point from the beach and thought we would head towards it but there were so many ins and outs of coast along this flat rocked walkway. We also risked our lives (literally considering that I am the most uncoordinated girl on the planet) on this slippery, loose dirt cliff ledge that hung over nothing. It was the last part of the walk so we had to cross it. Inching along it while my feet slipped and my hands had no hold was probably one of the most terrifying moments of the year – but we made it.
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Places I’ve Been 2.0: BLOGNY 2016

Honestly I haven’t been to too many exciting places in the last few weeks –  something I am looking forward to changing in the new year – but on the odd occasion I did venture out past the city I had some pretty sweet time so I thought I would share.

Takapuna Beach

The thing about Auckland is that even though it’s home I am still not from here. I don’t really know enough to know what is a popular area and what is not, but I am preeeeeetty sure that Takapuna is one of the most frequented beaches in the city.
Good reason too – it’s a stunner.

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NZ Summer: BLOGNY 2016

New Zealand is one of those countries that settles right into summer.
IMG_1009.jpglife 2014 031.jpgIMG_0073.jpgWinter here can be extraordinarily beautiful especially if you’re a mountain fiend, but it’s summer that we do best. Everything becomes overwhelmed by a relaxed, free and easygoing vibe that you can’t help but soak up. Even if you’re spending most of your time at work, there is no stress that a warm evening at the beach and a bottle of wine can’t fix. IMG_9570.jpgIMG_9858.jpgSummer is undoubtedly my favourite time of year. I fall hard for the sun, the freedom the late nights and sunrises, the long drives, the sand in your shoes. All the cliches, all so available here. I love that summer takes so long to grow but then stretches out long into the new year. There is always so much time and fun shit to do and fresh berries to eat.IMG_9900.jpgIMG_4018.jpg
Music, barbecues, road trips, the possibility of so many good things to come.
New Zealand is just comfortingly safe – there are no animals to eat you or weird things to worry about – as long as you keep your head mostly on your shoulders you can pretty much run into any adventure and have the absolute time of your life.

yeah 089.jpgyeah 096.jpgIMG_6609.jpg
Instead of describing it I trawled through my photo albums and found my favourite summer pictures over the years. From when I was sixteen, wandering the botanical gardens concerts and having picnics with my friends – to eighteen climbing mountains and driving as far as we could get – to twenty watching fireworks explode over the neighbourhood. There is no country quite like here and there is no season quite like this.
summa 318.jpg
IMG_3850.jpgrangataua bby 215.jpgScreen Shot 2015-03-06 at 4.01.12 pm.jpgIMG_0651.jpgIMG_0028.jpgIMG_9860.jpgyo 052.jpgIMG_5606.jpgIMG_0523.jpgIMG_0349.jpgIMG_5601.jpgIMG_0065.jpgIMG_5835.jpg

Hope you are having a festive Saturday night!! Flo cooked us dinner and baked a cake and supplied the wine what an absolute angel. Now the goal is to have a fun night and still show up to work fresh tomorrow good luck to us.

Much love amigos, catch you for a balmy Sunday xx

Christmas Wishlist: BLOGNY 2016

Spoiler: It’s money to travel.

I already have created these particular trips in my mind; I have picked the place and the people and I am so ready to go, anticipation is tingling at my fingertips – I just have to make the money first.

There are, of course, other things I save my money for – new clothes and a tattoo I really, really want. Uni costs and bus costs and flat costs and those small impromptu things; trips away or concert tickets or a fancy dinner out. To be honest I am notoriously bad at saving money – mainly because I think that there is so much value in saying yes to things you want to do. In ten years I will (hopefully) not remember how shit it is to live a few weeks with $7 in your bank account – but I will remember how much I loved to dance and how wild and hilarious and fun it was to scream out the lyrics at a concert with my best friends.
So I bought the concert tickets (little mix!!!) and I have $7 in my account until I get paid but I am happy! And I think that’s what matters the most.

But saving for these trips is different – as in literally the money is in a whole different account – once I put it in, I can’t take it back out. Which sometimes is ridiculous because I often like to halve all my money equally and use half for living costs and the other for that account which is just not sustainable when you have to pay your power bill – but it’s worth it because I want these trips so much. More than I want the concert tickets or the clothes or the tattoo.

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Guest Post: Auckland II (Growing Up Here)

Auckland is home. Where I was born, where I went to school, and the only place I have really known well. This makes it hard, as it’s somewhere you simply love and hate at the same time. It’s hard not to have some fondness for the place you grew up, the streets you grew up playing in and the places you’d go on fun adventures. Driving past where you used to go bowling as a kid or where mum used to take you for ice cream in the weekends really makes you never want to leave. But it’s more nostalgia than an affinity for the city, I feel.14446476_1217975874921507_1023740535_o.jpg
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On: Vietnam (holiday 2015)


Last summer I was lucky enough to travel to Vietnam for a family holiday. Myself, my mum, step dad and step brother spent three weeks exploring everything that colourful little country had to offer. I found some of the pictures I had taken and thought I would chuck them up on here.

IMG_2521.jpgHighlight: For me, the week in Hoi An was my favourite time of the entire trip. The town is this colourful space of narrow lanes lined with these crazy, tiny shops. It was right on the river so you could access boat rides and tours and it was filled with amazing temples and historical areas you could purchase tickets to visit at your own leisure. IMG_4621.jpgEvery night for the few hours the markets were on, the streets closed to motor vehicles so you could walk around freely which was so nice! We were also biking distance from some beautiful swimming beaches and within the vicinity of marble mountain and other beautiful temples.

Also just in terms of travel comfort we had really great accommodation at Little Hoian Boutique Hotel & Spa. We also were able to find a lot of good food there, our favourites were: Smoothies and sandwiches from Cocobox and the delicious and more authentic food at Madam V’s Morning glory.

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Invercargill (or the place I badly misjudged)

I fully intended to return from Invercargill and write a scathing and arrogant post about what a shit-hole it is. My ‘Guide to Invercargill,’ was going to tell you how bored I was, how grey and old and uninspiring I found it.

Instead I went there and I fell in love

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